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57" Brass Super Large Tree of Life

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"Trees are as close to immortality as the rest of us ever come." Karen Joy Fowler


Trees a symbol of immortality are depicted in different art form with great reverence. This imaginary embodied in brass is the majestic definition of a big banyan tree with its roots swinging from its healthy branches. The artists have depicted birds dancing on the vigorous tree’s branches showing the harmony of nature. The shine of the brass metal on the leaves gives them a look of stars twinkling in their full glory. The trunk of the tree looks like a testament of the tree’s fierce battles with nature and time. The roots bulging gout of the soil symbolise the strong foundation that comes with knowledge. Viewers can enter a realm of quiet and beautiful scene of a dense forest with this stunning form. This masterpiece is no doubt a point where nature’s splendour merges with royal traces, eliciting the spirit of beauty, grace, and revitalization.

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Item Code: HLB050
Dimensions 57.50 inch Height X 57.00 inch Width X 5.50 inch Depth
Weight: 69.44 kg
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