Bracelet with Carnelian and Green Onyx

Bracelet with Carnelian and Green Onyx

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Carnelian is a precious gemstone with unique properties that attribute success, happiness, and positivity in life. It is perfect for those who are inclined towards creativity and possess analytic abilities. It ranges from intense red-brown to pale orange or pink color. On the other hand, green Onyx keeps the energy level high, sharpens the intellect, and boosts self-confidence. The combination of both these gemstones strengthens relationships based on love or friendship.

Exotic India has given a new definition and a stylish look to the two beautiful gemstones (carnelian and green onyx). The skilfully handcrafted bracelet has oval-shaped gems of carnelian and green onyx that are set up in high-quality ornate sterling silver motifs. They are beautifully designed with small, round and elongated carnelian beads along with shiny silver sterling beads as they wrap around the wrist. It fastens with a silver sterling clasp and extender chain with a round green onyx charm that dangles at the end.

Green onyx broadens one’s perspective towards life by providing clarity. Carnelian gives courage, supports steadfastness, and dispels negativity. Green onyx represents heart chakra and Carnelian signifies base and sacral chakra. Thus the combination of both these gemstones will balance and provide stability to upper and lower chakras simultaneously. The beneficial properties of both gemstones are endless. Carnelian cures several ailments related to bones and ligaments such as rheumatism, arthritis, etc. It regulates the functioning of kidneys and improves the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Green onyx helps in treating ulcers and other diseases related to eyes, nose, and skin. Its green color generates feelings of positivity and love. With so many curative properties that provide instant relief from physical and mental stress, one should buy this beautiful bracelet and make one’s life healthier and happier.

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Sterling Silver
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