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Sterling Marquise Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstones

Sterling Marquise Bracelet with Rainbow Moonstones
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The astonishing moonstone comes from the mining brands of countries like Sri Lanka, the United States, Tanzania, Mexico, Madagascar, Brazil, Australia, and mainly India. Followed by its subdued color as well as rich sheen, the olden times allege that the gem came into existence by moonlight. An alternative fairy tale pledged a mental picture of the time to go to anyone that uses their mouth to hold a moonstone in the course of the full Moon. At this present time, this unblemished gem, consecrated to the culture of Indians, is alleged to stir up affectionate infatuation, making it a perfect gift for couples as well as lovers.

When it comes to fashion, the steamy shade of Moonstone is an ideal enunciation to Victorian enthused trends. Its semi-transparent color makes a fascinating match with pearls, as well as other solid gems, such as Aquamarine and Rose Quartz. With sterling marquise shape, this item makes a unique bracelet for Indian ladies and women. It comes with about 4 circles and a hook. The hook and rings can be used to resize the bracelet to fit the wrist. The kind of gem used in the production of this bracelet is the rainbow moonstone, and the material of the bracelet is a gemstone. The type of metal used for the chains is derived from sterling silver. This is an intriguing as well as an exciting item with moonstones for moonlight glows.

Item Code: GC96
Sterling Silver
8.0 inch Length
19.5 gms

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