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Desert-Skinned Beauty, Looking Out Her Door

Desert-Skinned Beauty, Looking Out Her Door
The tousled mass of her hair glows against the dim lamp that she has lit somewhere in her room, not within the view afforded by the frame. She has let it cascade to midway down her back, the desert tone of which comes across as highly seductive. From the gold and rubies and emeralds of Her statement shringar, to the band of turquoise brocade that is visible of her choli, bring out the beauty of her distinct complexion. Her form is gorgeous in a gamine way - skinny arms, the outline of her ribs protruding against her skin, and a face that would be lost without that expression. It is the cast of a lover's longing, made more intense by the smokey eye makeup and the quivering, lifelike lips.

The proportion of detail packed into this painting is superb, a hallmark of the painter's skill. The intricate carving of the wooden door, against which the subject leans almost helplessly. The pristine flowers in the foreground that add a generous hint of romance to the composition. Despite the limited perspective of this oil, a sense of distance is induced in the viewer (and it is not merely the lamp that is not within view). Her unblinking gaze reaches out into the distance, as she awaits the arrival of a mysterious entity. Clearly he loves him, and the wait for him is driving her mad. She clutches at the door in her ardour. Perhaps that hint of a smile on the corners of her lips are indicative of a deliciously familiar figure emerging in the distance.

Item Code: OU72
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
48.0 inch X 36.0 inch

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