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Lady Combing Her Hair

Lady Combing Her Hair
Charcoal-black and frizzy arm-length hair rest across the beauty's nape, who is encapsulated in this amazing artistry by Kailash Raj. The beige-complexioned countenance is enhanced with a long, Greek nose and little pouty lips that are painted in angel food color. The charming Belle is illustrated with kohl-adorned, prominent, wide and upturned eyes that are complimented with her distinguished and dark high arch eyebrows, beautifying the diamond- shaped face which is a lovely abode for her wavy lock of hair that extends from her protruding ears and a scarlet red bindi that caresses her fantabulous look.

The fabulous lass grooms her hair with a green and magenta colored comb, which she holds in her henna-painted fingertips that match her yam-toned, plain crop top choli. The splendid choli, pairs up with her dusty amber tinged and blue motif cotton lehenga that tightens around her body, with a breathtaking sapphire waistband that is emblazoned with lovely yellow designs. Her translucent dupatta is embellished with glittery logos and a golden lace, as it drops down her arms.

Her glamour is ornamented with an eye-catching moonstone jewelry that comprises of a golden, daffodil-shaped drop earring, with a tincture of the valuable stone that envelops around her ear with delicacy. The lady's cleavage is cleverly concealed with a voluminous crystal choker necklace that is coupled with a peacock feathered amulet that inclines over her beauty bone. Her outfit is enhanced with a pearl opera that drapes down her navel, contrasting her bead bracelet and a set of black and gold bangles that chimes with every jerk of the comb.

The framework is portrayed to be a floral pattern and an elegant motif in lovely vibrant hues that are divided into decorative stripes as the lass rests on a magnificent, watermelon pink cushion that is imprinted with flowery illustrations. However, with all the contentment that is depicted with the master strokes, they are a clandestine to her thoughts that can be worked out through her grim expressions and down cast eyes as she is intricately stuck in her own imbroglio, making it the finest piece of art ever witnessed.

This item can be backordered
Time required to recreate this artwork
8 to 10 weeks
Advance to be paid now
$48.00 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: MI89
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
6.0" X 9.0"

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