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Lord Ganesha’s Unstructured Halo (Framed)

Lord Ganesha’s Unstructured Halo (Framed)
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Lord Ganesha is a baal-deva, a child (baal) of the divine order of the devas. He is an integral part of Shiva-parivar and the Devi Durga offspring retinue in devotional art; and when portrayed alone, He is the scribe of the Mahabharata and/or the very picture of traditional opulence. The oil painting you see on this page is a singular depiction of the Lord. Quiet, gathered, solitary - such is His all-encompassing gaze that the mere onlooker turns into a devotee within minutes of meeting it.

Like a child He is seated in a rudimentary bhadrasana. His right hand is raised in blessing, the left holding up a seriously large laddoo (His favourite, and the most auspicious of Indian sweetmeats), which the tip of His trunk gently grazes. A distinctive janeu could be seen across His chubby child’s torso, while a powerful trishoola tilaka graces His temple, each betraying His superlative lineage.

The warm, dynamic tones of the background project an otherworldly aura, especially against the smooth, pristine skin of the Lord, which is as if sculpted from marble. The hem of His dhoti has been painted such as to blend into the dark background, which evens out into a twilight glow upwards along the composition. In fact, the light seems to be emanating from the Lord’s head, making for an unstructured halo, a distinctive feature of modern devotional art.

Item Code: OV35
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
34 inch X 46 inch (Without Frame)
37.5 inch X 50.5 (With Frame)

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