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Offerings To The Ekdanta Lord Ganesha

Offerings To The Ekdanta Lord Ganesha
The seated Lord Ganesha, of a gaze childlike yet full of wisdom, is one of the most reassuring images in Indian culture. The lalitasana assumed by the plump legs, the saffron laddoo in one of His hands, and the signature elephant head are quintessential. The oil you see on this page is replete with all these, and more. Somewhere in the singular colour palette of the Lord’s complexion or the angulature of His divine brow, the artist has infused his work with an appeal so lifelike that it is elevated to the level of a visualisation aid from a mere painting.

The son of Shiva (note the trishool tattooed at the root of His trunk) is clad in a marigold-coloured dhoti. A bunch of gold studded with rubies and emeralds betray His princely stature. A garland of pink and white flowers rests on His adorably chubby torso, clearly an offering of His numerous devotees. He is ekdanta (single-tusked), because He had to scribe the Mahabharata at the command of Vyasa.

The halo behind His head resembles the gentle glow of the sun setting over the tropics. The inky purple background is reminiscent of the skies that turn this colour once the cows have been home for a while. The Lord is seated on velvet-cushioned asana, the greens and golds of which match the sumptuous colours of His silks.

Item Code: OW26
Oil on Canvas
Artist : Anup Gomay
36 inch x 48 inch

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