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Padma, Symbol Of Beauty And Compassion

Padma, Symbol Of Beauty And Compassion
The lotus is more than a mere flower in Indian culture. In Hindoo and Buddhist thought, it is a symbol of timeless beauty and compassion. The oil that you see on this page depicts one barely in bloom. The bud grazes the lap of the green leafy bud, which floats about in colloidal black murkiness. In fact, this is what padma (Sanskrt for lotus) stands for - to remain intact in one’s values despite the filth and the odds that surround us. While it grows in dirt pools, the lotus flower serves only to elevate its surroundings to beauty.

Note the delicate crimson tint of its fledgeling petals, and how it stands out against the textured black background. The wisps of petal at the base of the bloom take on a younger, greener tint. Note the finesse with which one colour has been blended into the other. A jewel-tone green characterises the sleek stem of the lotus. While the pad is a more washed out colour, the smaller bud and its pad have been done with greater vibrance, set off by the deeper shade of black in that part of the composition.

Item Code: OV42
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Madan Gomay
24 inch x 18 inch

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