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Painting Her Lover

Painting Her Lover
The artistic paragon is beautifully designed by Kailash Raj who has entranced magic over the eyes of the spectator with each swift brush stroke. It amazingly encapsulates an olive-complexioned lass, with a perfectly thick and glamorous eyebrow that sets the tone for her stupefying, upturned and kohl painted eyes. Her lovely countenance is ornamented with a sleek Greek nose, coupled with her natural Goldilocks lips, that seize your attention.

The stunning lady's charcoal-black hair extends from her nape to her back down below, as a lock of hair curls to rest on her cheek, complimented by the valuable jewels that adorn her. The painting depicts the woman embellished with a headpassa that lengthens to become an eardrop earring of white alabaster beads, along with a tight armlet that envelops tightly around her thin skin. Her beautiful neck is enhanced with an expensive, voluminous, white jade choker necklace, while her forehead is fabulously painted with a remarkably carved kundan maang tikka.

Appareled in a fire-yellow cotton lehenga that is imprinted with blood-red floral motifs, the fair lady looks outstanding as she teams it with a chest-length, salamander-colored plain choli that has an artistic round-neck. Her translucent dupatta fails to cover her body as she bends to illustrate her handsome lover on an old paper, revealing a young man dressed in a snow white choga. The breathtaking art rests on a majestic and puffy floral blue cushion, as the lass holds her hand in her hands which recline on the large pillow. Her golden inkpots that fill her drawing quill rest on gleaming tuffet-like stand, touching the onlookers' heart with the sanctity and purity of the Amazing woman.

The framework is portrayed in lush green trees that peak through the white pillared window. Setting a alluring aura with the scene of a sunset as the sky is painted in hues of yellow and blue. Her carpet is emblazoned with yellow and blue petals and flowers that blend on the perfectly smooth plane. Love hovers in the air, as the virtuous tenderness prevails, with an element of secrecy that overtakes the witness with a sudden urge to cherish this painting.

This item can be backordered
Time required to recreate this artwork
8 to 10 weeks
Advance to be paid now
$39.00 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: MI91
Watercolor on Paper
Artist: Kailash Raj
7.5" X 11.5"

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