Purusha and Prakriti

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Item Code: HN79
Water Color Painting On PaperArtist: Kailash Raj
Dimensions 5.2 inch x 7.8 inch
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100% Made in India
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When the flight of his soul or spirit brings the thinker to regions beyond the limit of understanding into the realm of transcendental knowledge, allegory and symbols one the only available means to express something of that intangible reality.

There are images of Shiva in which his right side is a male with the Shaiva attributes and the left side female; this expresses the union of the two halves on the principle that male and female have united but have not merged. This Ardhanarishvara image is seated on a tiger skin. The right side that belongs to Shiva has two arms, holding the trishula in one hand and the other a damaru (rattle drum). A snake is coiled around the neck. From his knotted hair flows the Ganga. The left side that belongs to Shiva's Shakti, Parvati, shows her with a ring-like lasso and sharp sword in her hands. The third eye in the middle of the forehead is the common feature to the male and female.

Shiva in his androgynous form, subsumes within himself, his divine consort Parvati and thus becomes purusha and prakriti conjoined in one, indicating the complementary nature of the sexes.

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