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Glacial Devi Brahmani

Glacial Devi Brahmani
Of the Saptamatrika pantheon (‘sapta’ is Sanskrt for the number seven, ‘matrika’ for maternal), the Devi Brahmani is a roopa (manifestation) of Devi Sarasvati, the wife of Lord Brahma. In the Brahmani-roopa She is more like a female version of His divine being. In fact, all the Matridevis of Saptamatrika are female versions of the quintessential devas of Hinduism, and like them She is possessed of great beauty and splendour and prowess.

The chaturbhujadhari (four-armed) Brahmani-roopa of Devi Sarasvati has a glacial complexion. She is clad in a silk saree that blends into the colour of Her skin, the jewel tones of Her blouse and sash setting off the whiteness to perfection. Like the finest of Indian women, ample gold shringar is to be found on Her torso and waist, wrists and earlobes and ankles. Beneath the ruby-studded crown is a pair of large and beauteous eyes, an expression of serenity and superlative compassion.

Devi Brahmani is borne on a swan as slender and gorgeous as She is. Note the stance of humility and gratitude conveyed by the angle of its neck, the finesse of its richly detailed inner plumage. Similar engravings are to be found in the vermillion of the Devi’s halo. A fine example of Indian devotional sculpture set in the medium of stone, this composition would be a one-of-a-kind addition to the home of the truly devoted.

Item Code: EE19
White Marble Sculpture
14.50 inch Height X 10.50 inch Width x 4.70 inch Depth
7.8 Kg

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