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Simple Seated Buddha In Richly Engraved Robe

Simple Seated Buddha In Richly Engraved Robe

A superb Buddha sculpture. Standalone, because it is a simple seated figure without pedestal or aureole. For devotees with a simple, almost rudimentary, taste in art. As such, a few aspects of the Buddha murti that you see on this page slightly deviates from your run-of-the-mill Buddhist iconography. Note the padmasana of the contemplative monk - while in most sculptures the heels meet at a point directly below the navel, the heels on this one are farther apart at a lateral distance from the midline.

The right hand of the Buddha is in bhoomisparsha mudra. This stance (‘mudra’) of the hand is found in many traditional iconographies and is indicative of the moment He transitions into Enlightenment, upon which He calls upon Mother Earth (‘bhoomi’) with a gentle touch (‘sparsha’) to witness it. The left hand rests afore a stately torso, which make for the usual contemplative stance of higher-order yogis. A long neck engraved with the same curves as on the body of a conch and a composure of absolute, seedless (nirbeeja) samadhi (yogic contemplation).

The hair of the Buddha and the robe He is wearing have been executed with dense engravings. It is a flowing one-shouldered robe embroidered with vine and ashtamangala that clings to the sharp, narrow undulations of the Buddha’s princely form. In fact, this is the most strikingly lifelike aspect of the composition - note the way the fabric falls around the left forearm and spreads out beneath the padmasana limbs.

Item Code: ZEO850
15.00 inch Length X 8.00 inch Width X 18.00 inch Height
14.43 Kg.

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