Namaste (Welcome) Lady

Namaste (Welcome) Lady

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Welcome Lady is an amber-gold figure of a beautiful lady who welcomes as she joins her two palms together in front of the bosom. It is a conventional Hindu expression of meeting and parting which originated in South Asia. Namaste is a Sanskrit word that means “I bow to you” and has been in use as salutation and adoration. The Welcome Lady is a sculpture of youthful apsara who greets you when you enter a heavenly place. It is known in Hindu and Buddhist culture that these divine spirits are from clouds and water. They are the court musicians and dancers of Indra. They are exotic and seductive nymphs who entertain other celestial beings. 

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Item Code: ZCS08
Brass Statue
30.5 inch Height x 10.0 inch Width x 9.0 inch Depth
15.14 kg

It is an amber-gold statue of a lady who is greeting with a peaceful facial expression. She is the definition of grace and beauty; the persona of perfection and elegance. Such is the fine details engraved on this fine-looking figurine. She is sequined in detailed ornament from head to toe. The divine being is covered in luxurious jewellery as one could see the intricate detail of arm cuffs, bangles, waistband and anklets accentuate the sculpture. The long and slender arms courteously welcome the guest as do the two beautiful peacocks perched on her broad shoulders. In Indian culture, the peacock symbolizes the arrival of the monsoon which is a great deal for a farmer who has harvested the crops for months.

The apsara’s body seems lineal and seductive. Her upper body is partly bare, covering her full breasts as she gracefully stands on the plinth. The inlay work describes the decorative details of her body and her soft and calm features. The elaborate details on her costume stipulate the effort of our South Indian artisans. She is covered in fine sumptuous inlay details. The artisan has mange to enhance her celestial body. Overall the figure of the Welcome Lady exudes a refined sensuousness that makes it particularly appealing for house and office. 

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