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Peacock Puja Lamp

Natural Brass
Polish Brass
Peacock Puja Lamp
If you want to start anything new or want to celebrate a certain event, a lamp is lit auspiciously. This occurs from the perception that when you light a lamp, apart from the visual aspect, it fills the whole place with an unparalleled energy. Fire itself is a source of illumination and existence in many ways. It is symbolism - a way of invoking your inner nature. An oil lamp is lit to bow down to knowledge as the greatest of all forms. The oil or ghee in the lamp symbolizes our Vasanas or vices and the cotton wick, the ego. When lit by spiritual knowledge, the Vasanas get slowly exhausted and the ego too perishes. The flame of a lamp always burns upwards and similarly one should acquire such knowledge as to take us towards higher ideals.

This spectacular ten wicks lamp in pure brass is standing on a pedestal held up by three triangular pillars carved with so sophistication. consisting of two circular trays carrying five wicks each, the lower tray bigger than the upper one. Both Trays are joined by a sturdy and finely sculpted pillar portrayed with a pair of mounted angel type creature on it.

There is a marvellously crafted by skilled artisans, an elegant peacock dancing at the top of the small tray, exhibiting its unmatched finely carved multilayered vibrant, colorful feathers mesmerizing the cosmos, feathers, the long slim legs, and neck, a charming pointed beak crowned appealingly on top, The peacock has significance in Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Christianity, and has also been celebrated as a secular symbol of beauty, love, romance, and life itself. Best quality original Artwork for decorating your House or Office. An amazing gift someone you care for.

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Item Code: ZEN486
Brass Statue
23.00 inch Height X 7.20 inch Width x 7.20 inch Depth
5.70 Kg.

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