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Puja Lamp from South India

Puja Lamp from South India

Having a puja lamp at the worship places always leads to an enhancement of the spiritual as well as aesthetic beauty of that place. The one shown here is carved in an enticingly sleek and sober form that can decorate any corner of the house or office in the most beautiful ways. It has a wick stand in the form of a deep plate at the top and is supported by a similar kind of carving as the base. It is said that whenever worshiping a deity or starting any auspicious event, it is good to light a lamp as the rays that evolve out from it are opined to overcome darkness with glory, brightness, happiness and a feeling of divinity.

In South India, lighting a lamp before any major positive event is a common tradition; this lamp is also carved keeping in mind the same purity and devotion. The sculptor has chosen for a distinctive design while carving out this lamp with a conical base that seems to join at the top forming a long stick in smooth yet sharp curves and layers in a solid pattern. The lamp is crowned by a uniquely shaped ethnic symbol, framed in utmost accuracy, cuts and beauty. The golden color of this brass statue charms the viewer by its brightness and gloss.

Item Code: ZEN668
Brass Statue From South India
23.00 inch Height X 6.80 inch Width x 6.80 inch Depth
1.20 Kg.

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