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Seated Devi Sarasvati Upon A Riverine Pedestal

Natural Brass
Amazing Green Gold
Double Chola
Seated Devi Sarasvati Upon A Riverine Pedestal
There is serenity in the presence of Devi Sarasvati. She wears a saree the colour of Her snowy skin and is poised upon the back of a milk-white swan which is Her vahana, its form as pristine and gracious as its divine mistress. In Her anterior hands (She is chaturbhujadhari, one possessed of four arms) She holds delicately a veena; in Her posterior hands, a rosary and some parchment, respectively. As the wife of Lord Brahma, the deity responsible for creative projection, She is the presiding deity over learning and the fine arts, things which are indispensable to His function. This explains why the iconography of Devi Sarasvati is incomplete without the veena.

The murti that you see on this page is replete with the elements of Devi Sarasvati’s traditional iconography. Silken saree, ample gold and jewels on Her torso and limbs, and a solid gold crown that towers high above Her head, from the rim of which cascades Her golden hair down the nape of Her neck. A superb halo pervades the space behind Her head, engraved with gentle flames and a ring of golden beads within.

Zoom in on the calm, beauteous face of Devi Sarasvati. Her soft, feminine features are engraved in a perfectly symmetrical, round-shaped face. Wisdom - nay, omniscience - pours forth from the same. The murti features an unusual pedestal carved to resemble a snatch of stream through which the swan is wading.

Item Code: ZDR13
Brass Sculpture
28.0" X 18.5" X 10.5"
25 Kg

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