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Shiva Family with Nandi and Lion (Wall Hanging Flat Statue)

Shiva Family with Nandi and Lion (Wall Hanging Flat Statue)
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There is a fine depiction of Lord Shiva's family in this wall hanging. If you ever had wished to explore a family having unity in diversity, then the family of lord Shiva and Parvati would be the perfect example for that. This carved work describes us that how we can reside within a family happily and peacefully even after having diverse natures and forms.

This one is a suitable display through which we can learn how to adjust ourselves even in opposed conditions and unequal natures. As we can see lord Shiva is residing peacefully along with the family on Mount Kailash in the great Himalayas. Here, lord Shiva is seated with his wife, Goddess Parvati and their son lord Ganesha, who has an elephant face. He is sitting on the lap of his father. On the right hand we can see that a great ox (Nandi) is sitting and on the left side we can see a huge Lion (Singham), who is the vehicle of Mother Parvati. Shiv ji is wearing a necklace of cobra snake, named as Anantshesh or Sheshnaag. Throughout the family one can easily notice that even after having a divergent nature, whether in choice or in forms, they all are fearless and love each other with the core of their hearts. This is the perfect unity every family should have.

Besides the family's unity depiction, we can also have a view of the detailing done on all of the respective deities. Lord Shiva is wearing a half-moon crown along with lion's skin on waist, Rudraksh necklace and earrings. We can have a view of aureole behind lord Shiva's head. Tradition wise, Parvati Ji is wearing a saree along with a lot of jewellery. Lord Ganesha is also seen wearing a dhoti and both mother and son are wearing beautiful crowns which add a highlight to this sculpture.

Item Code: ZCV07
Brass Statue
9.5 inch Height x 8.5 inch Width x 1.5 inch Depth
2.2 kg

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