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Astrological Study of Natural Disasters (Droughts, Famines and Floods)

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Author: S. K. Kapoor
Publisher: Nakshatra Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2016
ISBN: 9783278585912
Pages: 338
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description

About the Author

The author, Shri S K Kapoor born July 27, 1936 in the Holy city of Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) had his graduation from Delhi University and earned his master his Master’s Degree in Library and information Science from Jadavpur University. Superannuated in July 1994 from Geological Survey of India (GSI), Shri Kapoor headed the Library and Information Services of GSI. He was also actively associated with Indian Association of Library and Information Centers in Various capacities as the Editor of IASLIC Bulletin, General Secretary and Vice-President.

Besides his professional field, he has also taken deep interest in Astrology and has been actively associates with The Astrological Magazine since 1966. Motivated and inspired by Dr B V Raman’s seminal work on the astrological forecast of natural calamities, he contributed extensively on his detailed studies on natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, cyclones, floods, etc. over the years. He is now engaged in consolidating the result of his extensive efforts on this subject of vital human interest and present it to the discerning public.


Natural calamities have been a recurring phenomenon since the beginning of time. Yet, very little has been understood of these disasters by modern science which still gropes in the dark unable to anticipate them by its methods and coming up with explanations only after the worst is over. In strong contrast, there are clear methods outlined in texts of Jyotisha (loosely understood as astrology) which have been fairly successful in anticipating Nature's wrath through the elements of earth, fire, wind, water and ether in its branch of Samhita. Jyotisha is a three-limbed body of knowledge comprising of Siddhanta or mathematics (Ganita) including spherical astronomy (Gola) which covers the computation of all astronomical phenomena and data. The second branch is Samhita which deals with astronomical phenomena and their connections with terrestrial affairs involving either large groups of people or large tracts of geographical areas under which earthquakes, droughts, floods, cyclones and other natural disasters as well socio-politico-economic happenings can be categorized. The third branch is Hora or understanding equations between celestial bodies and individuals.

The present volume is an attempt to place before the discerning scientific mind Samhita methods or principles governing natural disasters in the nature of droughts, famines and floods. As a long term contributor to The Astrological Magazine and later, its successor Modern Astrology, Mr. Kapoor's writings on natural disasters reflect his expertise in this area of astrology. Thoroughly methodical in his approach, the author has dealt with natural hazards region-wise covering the globe in presenting his findings correlating planetary parameters with such events.

Focusing on floods, famines and droughts, the author's tracing of a clear pattern in this analytical study between the planetary positions at the start of the lunar year and the solar ingress into specific signs, most notably Scorpio, in relation to droughts and famines covering more than nearly 800 to 900 years in India, China, South East Asia, Japan, South Asia, Africa, Europe (East and Central), United States, South America and Australia can leave the truly scientific-minded little in doubt of the facts of astrology - the correlations between the celestial movements and terrestrial events. The role of major planets is also identified in these events. The sheer magnitude of the data on droughts, famines and floods which Mr. Kapoor presents in his study drawing from historical records to recent events cannot but induce anyone with an open mind to appreciate the effort and as a consequence concede the truths of astrology.

To describe this work as equivalent to a doctoral thesis would be an understatement. It is much more than that. A research treatise of great importance in the history of astrology, the present volume is a benchmark work on the astrology of floods, famines and droughts. It is an invaluable addition to extant literature on Samhita. It is hoped that some day when Jyotisha will be welcomed into the University curricula of our educational system, this work would occupy a position of eminence in the syllabus of post graduate studies in the subject.

I wish Mr. Kapoor greater success in his efforts in his forthcoming works dealing with other natural disasters.


Many regions on the earth are vulnerable to natural hazard and are often exposed to severe disasters leading to financial, structural and human losses. Weather hazards like storms, droughts and floods are the most deadly and catastrophic disasters affecting vulnerable regions quite regularly. Human activities often intensify disasters through indiscriminate deforestation and landuse. Recent flash flood Uttarkashi wrecking havoc and claiming thousands of lives is a grim reminder of the dangers of man-made disasters resulting from indiscriminate construction along the rapid flowing mountain rivers. Environmental experts have warned that global warming could lead to more extensive droughts in the coming years. Facilities are in place for the early warning system to help disaster management.

Experts all over the world are engaged in studying the natural hazards and the methods of forecasting their occurrence. Astrological methods of weather forecasting have been in vogue for centuries in India. Savants like Dr. B. V. Raman did considerable work in applying these methods successfully and making several accurate forecasts for over six decades. Encouraged by these efforts we have attempted to collect comprehensive data on natural disasters worldwide and study the astrological parameters affecting these events. The study is proposed to be presented in three parts. The first part covers the disasters relating to droughts, famines and floods-the second is devoted to cyclones, tornadoes and blizzards-and the third relates to seismic and volcanic disasters.

The present volume is devoted to the study of droughts, famines and floods the scourge of humanity all through the ages claiming millions of lives. The events have been studied from the earliest time for which authentic information is available in historical records events. Each event is presented highlighting the potent planetary configuration prone to disaster prevailing at the event analysis of some significant astrological parameters. The disposition of major planets in mutual quadrants has also been analyzed to study their impact on the natural calamities. The object is to bring together exhaustive astrological data on the natural hazards to enable researchers to carry out detailed study of these calamities and work out positive astrological indicators on the occurrence of the events. Possible areas of study could include parameters relating to the effect of inferior planets, constellations, planetary cycles, etc and correlation of planetary movements to weather patterns like ENSA and El Nino effects.

This study would not have been possible but for the inexhaustible source of information provided by the Internet, which helped extract and verify the data relating to the disaster events. We are equally indebted to Mrs Gayatri Devi Vasudev, the Editor of Modern Astrology for her constant encouragement and readily including certain aspects of the study in her esteemed Magazine over the years.


Droughts: and Famines11
Droughts: South Asia14
Droughts: East Asia32
Droughts: West Asia and Eastern Europe47
Droughts: Western Europe60
Droughts: Africa77
Droughts: North America and Caribbean87
Droughts: Southern Hemisphere South America103
Droughts: Australia, New Zealand108
Disposition of Malefics in Angles to Solar Ingress In Scorpio113
Distribution of Malefics in 2nd and 12th120
Natural Hazard - Flood126
Flood Hazard in East Asia127
Flood Hazard in South East Asia158
Flood Hazard in South Asia166
Flood Hazard in Central Asia187
Flood Hazard in Middle East189
Flood Hazard in Africa191
Flood Hazard in Europe (East and Central)201
Flood Hazard in Europe (West)209
Flood Hazard in North America235
Flood Hazard in Central America264
Flood Hazard in Caribbean269
Flood Hazard in Latin America272
Southern Hemisphere Flood Hazard in South America275
Flood Hazard in Australia284
Flood Hazard in New Zealand290
Disposition of Major Planets at the Calamities294
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