Guide to the Ajanta Paintings (Vol. 1. Narrative Wall Paintings)

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Author: Dieter Schlingloff
Publisher: Munshiram Manoharlal Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
Edition: 1999
ISBN: 812150922X
Pages: 124 (Line Drawings: 58)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book

The wall paintings in the Buddhist cave monasteries of Ajanta (second centuries BC and fifth-sixth centuries AD) convey unique insights into the life of the Ancient Indians and their culture. The painted Buddhist legends proclaims ethics, in which help for beings in distress is valued higher than one's own personal welfare, and is often even worth more than one's own life.

The book presents line drawings of all narrative paintings, together with a short description of each scene. On the base of their literary sources many scenes are identified and interpreted for the first time.

About the Author

Professor emeritus Dr. Dieter Schlingloff, formerly head of the Department of Indology and Iranian Studies at the University of Munich, Germany, is a specialist in Buddhist Sanskrit literature, ancient Indian culture and art. More than thirty years of the author's researches were concentrated on the narrative Ajanta Painting.


Cave I

     1/ No. 50Maitribala
     1/ No. 44Mahasudarsana
     2/ No. 46Sibi-Kapota
     2/ No. 46Udrayana
     3/ No. 40Sudhana
     4/ No. 59Sankhapala
     5/ No. 45Janaka
     6/ No. 41Kalyanakarin
     7/ No. 74Sumagadha
     7/ No. 38Mahosadha
     8/ No. 80Maravijaya
     9/ No. 81Maravijaya
     9/ No. 88Mahapratiharya
    10/ No. 60Compaka
    11/ No. 76Nagakumara
    12/ No. 53Prabhasa
Cave II
    13/ No. 61Bhuridatta
    14/ No. 54Prabhasa
    15/ No. 34Ksantivadin
    16/ No. 51Maitribala
    16/ No. 13Hamsa
    16/ No. 47Sibi-Kapota
    17/ No. 65Bhagavatprasuti
    18/ No. 89Mahapratiharya
    18/ No. 94Avalokitesvara
    19/ No. 16Ruru
    19/ No. 37Vidhura
    20/ No. 79Purna
Cave VI
    21/ No. 81Maravijaya
    21/ No. 90Mahapratiharya
Cave IX
    22/ No.  1Pandara
    22/ No.  2Mahagovinda
    22/ No.  3Sasa
    22/ No.  4Kunala
    22/ No.  5Udaya
    23/ No. 67Kasyapa
Cave X
    24/ No. 8Bhagavan
    25/ No. 9Udayana
    26/ No. 6Syama
    27/ No. 7Saddanta
Cave XVI
    28/ No. 84Devavatara
    28/ No. 85Devavatara
    29/ No. 56Sutasoma
    30/ No. 12Vartakapota
    30/ No. 17Ruru
    30/ No. 21Mahisa
    30/ No. 36Vyaghri
    30/ No. 93Yaksa
    31/ No. 42Visvantara
    31/ No. 33Bisa
    31/ No. 62Kumbha
    32/ No. 52Maitribala
    32/ No. 25Hastin
    33/ No. 39Mukapangu
    33/ No. 30Mahakapi
    34/ No. 73Nanda
    35/ No. 91Mahapratiharya
    35/ No. 82Mahasamaja
    37/ No. 64Bhagavan
    39/ No. 24Simha
    39/ No. 95Avalokitesvara
    39/ No. 96Samsaracakra
    40/ No. 68Suddhodana
    40/ No. 69Udayin
    41/ No. 77Dhanapala
    42/ No. 71Rahula
    42/ No. 72Samati
    42/ No. 83Mahasamaja
    43/ No. 78Indrabrahmana
    43/ No. 49Sibi
    44/ No. 18Ruru
    44/ No. 23Rksa
    45/ No. 19Mrga
    46/ No. 28Saddanta
    47/ No. 30Mahakapi
    47/ No. 26Hastin
    48/ No. 35Bodhi
    48/ No. 48Sarvadada
    48/ No. 14Hamsa
    49/ No. 43Visvantara
    51/ No. 63Indra
    51/ No. 29Vanara
    51/ No. 57Sutasoma
    53/ No. 86Devavatara
    53/ No. 70Rahula
    54/ No. 92Mahapratiharya
    55/ No. 20Sarabha
    55/ No. 15Sasa
    55/ No. 27Matrposaka
    56/ No. 11Matsya
    56/ No. 31Syama
    56/ No. 55Prabhasa
    56/ No. 22Mahisa
    57/ No. 58Simhala

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