Hot Water Therapy (How to save your Back, Neck and Shoulders in 10 Minutes a Day of Exercise in Your shower, Bath or Hot Tub)

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Item Code: IDE950
Author: Dr. Patrick Horay & David Harp
Publisher: Orient Paperbacks
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8122201784
Pages: 150 (Figures: 91)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5" X 5.5"

Book Description

From the Jacket :

Do You Suffer From:

  • Tension headaches from stress?
  • Chronic backache from hours of desk-work?
  • Sprains and strains from weekend sports?
  • Injuries from accidents?
  • Painful joints and muscles due to over-exertion, aging or inactivity?
Hot Water Therapy Can Help.

This book will introduce you to simple, effective techniques you can use while relaxing in your shower, bath, or hot tub to relieve pain and strengthen aching muscles. And they take only a few minutes to do!

You will learn that you can save your "bad back" by using a combination of gentle massage, exercise and stretching. When you blend these routines with the soothing, healing qualities of hot water, you'll enjoy the age-old benefits of spa treatment - right in your own bathroom!

About the Author :

Dr. Patrick Horay is a chiropractor who stresses self-care and lifestyle adaptations in his treatment. He practices in Berkeley, California. He uses hot water therapy to get his chronically tricky back through intensely cold winters of Northern Vermont, USA.


1.About the Method11
2.About Hot Water17
3.About Your Body25
4.Where Does it Hurt?33
5.Deep Massage Techniques46
A Touch of Relaxation48
The Finger Walk: Searching for Pressure Points49
The Finger Stroke: Flushing the Muscle51
Massage 1: The Trapezius Walk53
Massage 2: The Sacrum Stroke54
Massage 3: Using Your BackuPressure Device57
6.Exercise Techniques59
Exercise 1: Shoulder Lifts61
Exercise 2: Shoulder Circles65
Exercise 3: Head Rock68
Exercise 4: Elbow Across Chest72
Exercise 5: Seal to Swan77
Exercise 6: Scared Cat to Swaybacked Horse80
Exercise 7: Knee Walk84
Exercise 8: Knee Circles86
Exercise 9: Pelvic Tilt88
7.Stretching Techniques92
Stretch 1: Head to the Side94
Stretch 2: Head Down97
Stretch 3: Elbow Across Chest99
Stretch 4: Arm Over Head103
Stretch 5: Seal to Swan106
Stretch 6: Knee to Chest109
Stretch 7: Knee Across111
Stretch 8: Walk to Toes113
8.Designing Your Own Routine116
The Full Shower Routine for Headache, Stiff Neck, or Upper Back Pain118
The Full Shower Routine for the Middle Back120
The Full Bathtub Routine for the Lower Back122
The Full Hot Tub Routine for the Whole Back125
A Mini-Routine for the Neck and Upper Back129
A Mini-Routine for the Middle Back131
A Mini-Routine for the Lower Back133
A Micro Routine for the Neck and Upper Back136
A Micro Routine for the Middle Back137
A Micro Routine for the Lower Back137
9.Advanced Relaxation Techniques138
Relaxation 1: Progressive Relaxation139
Relaxation 2: Breath-Counting Meditation141
Relaxation 3: Relaxed Muscle Visualization143
Progressive Realization With Visualization: A Combination145
10.Lasting Relief146

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