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Life Quest (The Journey of Karma, Its Existence..... Inception?. Description and Regulation)

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Author: Sadhvi Nidhi and Sadhvi Kripa
Publisher: Maitri Charitable Foundation
Language: English
Edition: 2009
ISBN: 8188795119
Pages: 184
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
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A quest for the meaning and purpose of life will make us want to know about the quality of permanence. The truth behind this lies in the knowledge of karma and the soul. The philosophy of karma invites us to discover this quality which is contained within each one of us. We have undertaken many journeys in life; but none can ever be as over whelming and fulfilling as the journey to eternity….

About The Book

It is Mostly expected that a particular effort arrants a particular reward but sometimes something completely different happens. Often one expectations are very quickly met with whist on other occasions there is an inordinate delay. Why is it that some action can give a prior picture of the reaction and some cannot determine any reaction? Such questeion have left mankind beffled for ages

Life is quest aims to understand suc queries and explains the force behind such situations on the basis of Karma. Its putpose is that of a searchlight which illuminates this unending journey of life marked with repeated birth and death. It will act as a guide to enable one to tread those paths which are void of obstacles and any unseen dangers thereby acting as a torch bearer to achieve the ultimate destination of salvation.


Man’s greatness and supremacy rests on his innate ability of understanding and thoughtfulness. Such thought should have its roots in truth and goodness and for the greater benefit f mankind. Analysis of every events experienced in life though the eyes of karma will not only alter man’s vision of life but will also prove to be an impetus for living life with higher and new insights

Nature is resplendent with hidden treasures that can be found in slimy water; rugged mountains give birth to life- energizing rivers; precious illuminating diamonds are founding the darkness of coal mines. These are all pointers to the fact that man too has the power of discovering his latent nature of greatness and godliness within his mortal existence. This book aims to uncover precisely these virtues that will free us from the cycle of life.

Life’s Quest will facilitate in enlightening all those desirous of immortality. It will act as a protective shadow in cautioning man to avoid the tempting albeit erroneous zones o life thus proving to be a one way ticket to salvation

The entire reasoning of this book is based on the transmigration of the soul. It thus becomes imperative to believe in the concept of reincarnation as without this belief it would be impossible to show the union of karma and the soul which really are the basis of all life. Therefore an acceptance of this concept is necessary to understand the thoughts rendered in this book.

Jain religious philosophy emphasizes the importance of the quality of a soul and not the physical projection of soul. Herein rests the secret to the basis of friendship. When each aspect of creation views the other in the light of these pure traits, friendship is born is born. Friendship when fostered leads to salvation which is the essence this book.

Introduction of this world

Life has its own unique pattern. This uniqueness stems from the fact that this pattern is woven out of one design but its manifestation creates several designs. Similarly, life too originates from one focal points but its expression is seen in a wide variety of dissimilar situation and personalities. The cause for wonder is this truth that despite being intrinsically the same, extrinsically no two persons are the same.

The discrepancy is apparent in life. Some are endowed with great physical beauty while some bear the cross of being plain. Many are born with a deficient sense organ whilst others may be blessed with heightened ones. It is a matter of great amazement when minimal efforts reap rich rewards and maximum one lead to naught! Several People are seen showcasing every emotion they feel and yet there are those who do not disclose any emotion. Adverse situation are faced with fortitude by some while most succumb to pressure.

To the thinker these obvious differences are a cause for mystery. It makes one stop to think and question the reasons for this strangeness in life. It is a subject of the meta physical world as the real world has no answers world as the real has no answers to offer. The answers may found in the world karma which simply translated means action activity and has its root in the law of cause and effect. This proves that everything happens for a reason.

As per science this difference may find explanation in the law of heredity. Psychologists support the argument of the law of variation. However if these two opinions are to be accepted then the effort of man is negated. Thus these explanations do not complement the reasons for discrepancies in life, simply because they fail to recognize the effort of man which is the vital reason for anything that happens in life.

All karmic activity begins with the inception of the worldly soul. This soul inhabits all forms of life. In fact this entire world is a representation of karma. All forms of life can attain rest and subsequent peace only when this worldly soul terminates all activity thereby achieving a state of bliss. Thus karma is that tool which despite being responsible for the journey of life can also lead to freedom from the bondage of life.

Karma represents the law of causality which expounds the theory that every action must have a reaction. This action is that which is committed by man and therefore the consequences too must be borne by man. It rests on an to commit those actions which will eventually prove to be peaceful for him. The final aim of life is to free ourselves state of being which allows us joy. It can thus be said that a soul which is saturated with karma is the starting point of life and the soul that is free of karma is the resting point of life. The former suggests struggle and the latter, peace.


Introduction to Karma1
1Wonder of this world3
2Voice of Karma5
3Authority of karma7
4Profitability of Karma9
5Life's Lighthouse11
6Kingdom of Karma13
7Pure and Impure Karma15
8Basis of Pure and Impure Karma17
9Touchstone of Pure and Impure Karma19
Existence of Karm 21
10Relation of Karma and the Soul23
11The Soul is supreme25
12Process of karma28
13Rules of Karma31
14Basis of Past and future Lives34
15Karma seen in Impressions37
16Karma seen in Matter40
17Process of Progression of the soul43
18Bondage of the soul46
19Existence of Karmic Binding49
Description of Karma53
20Cause of Karmic Binding55
21Innate Cause of Sorrow58
22Seed of Karmic Binding61
23Impact of Positive and Negative Passions63
24Fetters of Positive and Negative Passions65
25The Changing Face of Passions67
26Rekease of Positive Passion Difficult69
27Steadness in Love72
28Freedom from Passion74
Nature of Karma 77
29Karmic Binding79
30Process ofKarmic Binding81
31State of Existence of karmic Binding84
32Extent of Karmic Binding87
33Quantity of Karmic Binding: Pradesh90
34Quality of Karmic Binding: Prakriti92
Kinds of Karma 95
35Nature of the Eight Root Karmas97
36Knowledge Veiling Karma: Gyan Avarniya100
37Perception Veiling Karma:Darshan Avarniya103
38Feeling Inducing Karma: Vedaniya106
39Illusion and delusion Creating Karma: Mohniya109
40Duration of Life Determining Karma: Aayushya112
41Personality and fortune Determining Karma: Naam116
42Status Defining Karma: Gota119
43Obstacle Creating Karma: Antaraya122
44Intensity of Karmic Binding: Anubhag or Ras125
45Duration of Karmic Binding: Sthiti128
46Reciprocal Karmic Binding130
47Effect of Good Reciprocal Karmic Binding133
48Freedom from Bad Reciprocal Karmic Binding135
49Liberation from Karma through Reciprocal Binding138
Rules of Karma
50The Science of Karmic Binding141
51The Law behind Karmic consequences143
52Experience of Karmic Consequences146
53Individual and collective destiny149
54Uniquences in Experience of Karma151
55Condition Impacting Karma-The Law of Matter in Creation: Dravya157
56Condition Impacting Karma-The Law in time of Karma:Kshetra160
57Conditions ImpactingKarma-The Law in Time of Karma: Kaal163
58Conditions Impacting Karma-The Law in time of Karma: Bhaav166
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