Light on The Yoga Way of Life

Light on The Yoga Way of Life

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Author: Swami Chidananda
Edition: 2001
Pages: 63
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 7" X 5"
Publishers' Note:

This book, 'Light on the Yoga Way of Life', is a collection of questions put by various people from all walks of life from time to time, and answers given to them by Sri Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj.

The questions and answers in the pages that follow deal with some of the commonest, but most vital, doubts raised by spiritual aspirants as well as ordinary men of the world.

Swamiji's clarity of thought, simplicity of expression and breadth of knowledge will be of immense benefit to all levels of seekers. Swamiji's attitude to the Guru, towards the scriptures, towards selfless service, towards everything about the spiritual life sets an ideal example for all those who would like to draw closer to God.

We do hope that everyone will benefit considerably from a careful perusal of the pages that follow and derive rare guidance and inspiration in their struggle for perfection.

May the divine blessings of God and Gurudev be upon all.


Back of Book:

The stillness, the SILENCE is there, ever present, the reality, the substratum, the truth. Live this truth. Base your life on the truth of your being, the fact that you are satchidananda ever, ever and ever.


What Should Be Our Goal?7
Are the Puranas Real?9
Can I Change My Guru?12
Are We Responsible for Our Sins?16
How Gods Communicate With Men?17
Supramental Race19
Memory Culture19
Essentials of A Sadhak's Daily Routine24
How to Know Our Previous Birth?27
Light on the Ghost-world28
Where Ignorance Is Bliss30
Dharana and Dhyana Defined31
Hints for Concentration32
On Memory35
On the Control of Anger38
The Benefits of Mantra-Writing42
Are Spiritual Institutions Necessary?43
The Role of Spiritual Institutions46
Rotarians' Doubts Dispelled48

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