Navagraha Upasana: Shanti Padhati with Transliterated Mantras and English Translation (Sanskrit Text Transliteration with English Translation)

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Author: Bharti Agrawal
Publisher: D.P.B. Publications
Language: Sanskrit Text Transliteration with English Translation
Pages: 528
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

One is badly tormented by the planetary influences and many negative and pessimistic thoughts come and hurt him. Black negativity dances about and depressive ideas come and dominate his thinking-It were better if death were to take me than this impossible to tackle situations. He finds no end to his obstacles and pitfalls, due no faults of his making. He wonders-I have not done any sins or caused any troubles to any one with my intents or actions. Whole life becomes a big burden ot carry along. All sorts of mental and physical problems take better of him. It seems like an unbearable burden of huge order.

But if you were to know the nature, origin and details of functioning of these not understood extrasensory influences and also, if you were to know methods and modality of tacking what ails, it could save you the bother and lessen the difficulties encountered due to these.

Quite often such things are caused by the unfavorable plan etary/star configurations of an individual. The best resolution to this difficulty is the worship of the nine planets. From a knower of ht subject, know your benefic planet. Worship it and alongside through right processes, get to know how to address the malfluences caused due to your own over all planetary configurations. Thus gain regulation and right control of the things in a holistic way. It would pave a happy pathway of your life and its things.

Astrology is of lesser avail, if it were to just say what the starry configurations are-good or bad. Its true value is in knowing how ht defects of these configurations have to be worked out to one’s best advantage. The curing solutions are of utmost importance as the diagnosis is, having known what ails. The resolution is effected by certain methods done in a particular way as the concerning knowledge guides. If diagnosis is right and the medicine is known from a correct source, then most likely, it will meet with success. However, doing those processes as guided by the experts, it should be borne in mind to do these with total conviction and let there be no doubt in it. Otherwise as Lord Krishna says –ill knowledge, doubting ad not having full conviction give you happiness and peace neither here, nor in the next world.

Mostly solutions are of two classes:

-As scriptures recommend

The first ones largely relate to such of these which common sense guides you to and you take measures accordingly. Like if headache is there, you take an analgesic. Or if you lack in some subject in studies, you devote more time to master its fundamentals and further details. Here by scriptural methods we mean those of the measures which ordinary knowing cannot reach at. There are such lacunae, which we cannot find with usual methods. Like something could be certain extrasensory problems and obstacles. For these types of problems scriptures come to our help and prescribe things like- meditation, worship, wearing certain gems, mantra rendering, fasts and charities etc.

Keep in mind that many a times we find ourselves helpless and certain problems keep coming at with best of the usual steps taken to resolve those. We find that certain disease comes and it does not cure with best of the medical treatment. There are certain unusual bad influences at work and do not let all the medicines have the effect of a permanent cure to the disease. Then we need to know the nature of such influences and the way to counter those. Then we should take recourse to both the things-the medicines and allied treatment as well as the process to nullify the bad influences at work. Many of these not normally understood obstacles arise due to unfavorable planet/ starry configurations. You should not stay inactive and proactively find as to what could be these extrasensory influences by discussing the matter thoroughly with the knower o f the subject and find out from them the measures required to be undertaken. Then do those things, as guided withal earnestness and total faith. Follow the process fully. This would all hindrances go away and positive success would follow.

In this book, we give the following details by way of means to rectify defects and strengthen our constitutions/conditions in a holistic way:

-Processes and methods to be conducted for child birth, enhancing their physical and mental aspects.

Certain worships etc. relating to conception, birth of child, shaving off of the first hairs. Etc.

Rituals for pacification of maledictory forces, circumstances, like from stars, dates, certain non-auspicious happenings like pre-mature cutting of teeth by an infant etc.

Non auspicious time periods etc.

Pacification/ Strengthening of planets/ stars with ‘mantras (sacred formulae), tantra (s) [techniques, technology, methodology in scriptural solutions to the problems], Yantra(s) [devices used in these solutions], kavach’ (protection shields), concentration and meditation etc. for planetary worship practices etc. have been well detailed.

Orientation have been provided for planetary work outs with such devices as gems, plant –roots etc. also. Nature and characteristics of different planets have also covered.

Read full book and follow general guidelines which might not have been mentioned in all worships/ rites , but given in some. General indications should be universally followed in all cases. Sanskrit text has been give in English alphabets with inverted comas. Local names have been given in English alphabets but in original identities.

All are thanked for their contributions to this composition. Ancient seers and their scriptures warrant our heart filled thanks. Publishers have contributed to give a suiting shape to the book. All are welcome to provide their suggestions to improve.




Worship/ Spiritual Practices 13-29
Ganesh worship 30-57
Important ceremonies/celebrations and observances 58-77
Remedial observances of Inauspicious Events 78-139
General Pacification Rite For Nine Planets 140-166
Planet Pacification-Sun 167-225
Planet Pacification-Moon 226-249
Planet Pacification -Mars 250-275
Planet Pacification-Mercury 276-296
Planet Pacification-Jupiteer 297-329
Planet Pacification-Venus 330-357
Planet Pacification-Saturn 358-411
Planet Pacification-Rahu 412-429
Planet Pacification-Ketu 430-446
Worship of Shri Lakshmi and Kubera 447-479
Appendix A 480-481
APPendix B 482-484
Appendix C 485-488
Appendix D 489-490
Appendix E 491-516

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