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The Problem of Rebirth

The Problem of Rebirth
Item Code: NAD011
Author: Sri Aurobindo
Publisher: Sri Aurobindo Ashram
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788170585794
Pages: 185
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 8.8 inch X 5.5 inch
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The true foundation of the theory of rebirth is the evolution of the soul, or rather its efflorescence out of the veil of Matter and its gradual self-finding. Buddhism contained this truth involved in its theory of Karma and emergence out of Karma but failed to bring it to light; Hinduism knew it of old, but afterwards missed the right balance of its expression. Now we are again able to restate the ancient truth in a new language and this is already being done by certain schools of thought, though still the old incrustations tend to tack themselves on to the deeper wisdom. And if this gradual efflorescence be true, then the theory of rebirth is an intellectual necessity, a logically unavoidable corollary. But what is the aim of that evolution? Not conventional or interested virtue and the faultless counting out of the small coin of good the hope of an apportioned material reward, but the continual growth towards a divine knowledge, strength, love and purity.



The essays that make up this book were first published in the monthly review Arya in 1915 and 1919—21. Towards the end of the 1920s Sri Aurobindo revised them with the intention of bringing them out as a book. At the same time he wrote drafts of a new essay or essays to be added to the others. He never completed this work of revision and enlargement and it was not until 1952, two years after his passing, that the book was published.

The text of the present edition is identical to that published in Essays in Philosophy and Yoga, volume 13 of The Complete Works of Sri Aurobindo. All the material in that edition was carefully checked against the relevant manuscripts and printed texts.

Sri Aurobindo



Section One
Rebirth and karma
Rebirth 3
The Reincarnating Soul 14
Rebirth and Soul evolution 29
The Significance of Rebirth 39
The Ascending Unity 51
Involution and Evolution 61
Karma 74
Karma and Freedom 82
Karma, Will and Consequence 95
Rebirth and Karama 102
Karma and Justice 111
Section II
The lines of Karma
The Foundation 123
The Terrestrial Law 130
Mind Nature and Law of Karma 142
The Higher Lines of Karma Appendixes 157
The Tangle of Karma a Clarification 171
The Tangle of Karma a Clarification 177
Note on The Texts 181
Glossary 183
Index 186

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