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Science and Self Knowledge (A Self Development Journal for Class VIII)

Science and Self Knowledge (A Self Development Journal for Class VIII)
Item Code: NAV357
Author: Vinoba
Publisher: Sarva Seva Sangh Prakashan, Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2010
Pages: 104
Other Details: 7.00 X 5.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.08 kg

We were spending our time in Siwani prison some 18-19 years ago. Myself and Kaka Saheb lived there together for 2-3 years in the same room and so we had ample opportunity to discuss various subjects. We were of the opinion that our own programme will be relevant only when there is a synthesis between science and self-knowledge. We were released from the prison together. I am glad that here he (Kaka Saheb) is present today. After the release from the Jail, we had decided upon one thing like the one I had decided in the fixed meeting with Bapu. As usual, after making some formal enquiries about my health etc, Bapu immediately declared : "Perhaps, we may be behind the bars for further austeriting". I replied: "That is alright. I am mentally prepared for the same but I have a feeling that perhaps such occasion might never come". Thereupon, he quipped, "How do you say so ? I said : "We have spent about 35 months in the prison but we have not suffered from spiritual weakness, hence I think that such an occasion might not come at all." If we had succumbed to any spiritual weakness, things would have been difficult. But God would also liked to test us. But we have not developed spiritual weakness, hence we do not expect it again." Any way, that idea came to my mind. Bapu had hinted that we might have to go to the prison, so we were mentally prepared.

Then we discussed something about day to day work and I sought permission from him for one thing. I said: "If you kindly permit, I might sever my membership connection from all organisations, like Talim Sangh etc. which were floated by Gandhiji himself. He wanted to know its reasons, To me, it seemed that "our thinking becomes narrow and circumscribed if we are associated with any organisation which will not be fully conducive for the quest of non-violence." Of course there was no difficulty with regard to the quest of non-violence so far, but "if we want to go beyond further, we must free our mind from all narrow considerations of institution and organisations". Bapu endorsed my views and granted his permission. His method was never to impose anything and allow maximal freedom. He wanted to bind us through love. So he gave a ruling : "If he (Vinoba) will serve the different organisations but will not seek any post or privilege; it is alright." After that, there was no difficulty to cast off formal connections with other organisations, since he had got permission from Gandhiji. All were in agreement with me that for the sake of quest for non-violence, we should not have our mind circumscribed to any particular institution or organisation. I think, both science and self-knowledge have agreement about it. Just as science is non-partisan, so is spirituality also.

Thereafter, I dwelt upon this subject in my public addresses and now I am constrained to think that it is urgently necessary to bring science and non-violence together, without which there will be no welfare and peace in the world. We may further add that without such a synthesis between science and spirituality, perhaps the world cannot exist. I have been seriously thinking about it since last two years but I had brought forth idea as early as 1945.

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