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Selected Poetry of Qateel Shafai (With Original Urdu Text, Roman and Hindi Transliteration and Poetical Translation into English)

Selected Poetry of Qateel Shafai (With Original Urdu Text, Roman and Hindi Transliteration and Poetical Translation into English)
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Author: Khwaja Tariq Mahmood and Amar Varma
Publisher: Star Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 8176500801
Pages: 251
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 9.0 inch x 5.5 inch
weight of the book: 545 gms
About the Book

Urdu poetry is today most popular, not only among Urdu knowing people , but also among these millions of people who love poetry in any language and form. Songs from Indianfillms have created interest n Urdu poetry all over the world, and names of poets like Ghallib , Sahir Ludhanvi, Sh akeel Budayni, Faiz Ahmad Fiz, Allama Iqbal erc. Are well known in every home.

Qateel Shafali is another name in the category of these poets, whose poetry has been presented many forms, in books, in dance recitations, in albums and above all in Indian and Pakistani films.

Qateel Shafai was born in Hariopura Hazara (now in Pakistan) in1919, and presented his poetry in more than 15 collections. He had started his life as a small shopkeeper in Rawalpindi (Pakistan), but had been taking part in literary activities ever since. He was honored with a number of literary awards. In 1947, he was invited by a film producer to write songs for his films, and since then he wrote songs for many films.

This collection of his selected poems is our humble tribute to this great of the year.




In the Shadow 15-Dec
Why, O World 16-19
Leaving Darkness 20-23
Though Our 24-27
We Might Well 28-31
I Regard Your Angst 32-35
I Lon For My Loved 36-39
Among People 40-43
If I write About 44-47
Let NO One Take 48-51
Man Is Week Against 52-55
From Dusk To Dawn 56-59
What Was That Love 60-63
I Had Wondered 64-67
If You Are Afraid 68-71
I Am Also Shocked 72-75
When Night 76-79
I Am Also An Ocean 80-83
Every Smile 84-87
I Am Not Afraid 88-91
I Scare Remember 92-95
On Our Way 96-99
Brick By brick 100-103
On High Pedestal 104-107
Apparently Enclaves 108-111
Whenever 112-115
Even If Some People 116-119
"Tis Good 120-123
Double Face 124-127
Ego's Pain 128-131
Research 128-131
Consolation 132-135
Emigrants 132-135
Character 136-139
If You Want Safety 140-143
Those Who Show 144-147
people of Heart 148-151
Beloved's Name 152-155
Beloved Has Never 156-159
Though Goblets 160-163
Let Me Become king 164-167
Not Until That Cloud 168-171
I Also Suffer 172-175
Talk of Beloved 176-179
Without Beloved 180-183
A Dauntless Person 184-187
Weariness of My Feet 188-191
Million Woes of Life 192-195
The Were Clouds 196-199
Ever Since 200-203
A Person For Whom 204-209
When My Message 208-211
We Thought 212-215
If Around Your Neck 216-219
The Fellow Traveler 220-223
ON The Sight 224-227
Let All The Streets 228-231
Whoever Are With 232-235
Is It Sight colour 236-239
Who Will Live 240-243
Come O Worldly 244-247
Tis Long Since 248-251

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