Supreme Beauty of Skin, Body and Mind "Modern, Ayurvedic and Spiritual Concept"

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Author: Dr. Kamlesh V. Athavale And Dr. V. B Athavale
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 8180490238
Pages: 216 (3 Color illustraions )
Cover: Paperback
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Weight 240 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description


Every individual has a natural desire to look beautiful and there is nothing wrong in it. Youth and particularly young girls often spend hours before the mirror. A saint once said in his discourse that, "Beauty is only skin deep". A young man stood up and told him, "We are interested only in external beauty. What have we to do with the inner muscles and bones ?" In general, the common impression is that beauty depends on the external appearance and the qualities of the skin. But this external beauty depends on the health of the body and mind. Even a beautiful person does not appear so when he is tense or afflicted with an ailment. Hence to look beautiful, it is important to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Diet, activity, exercise, rest, oil massage, bathing, attire, etc. which are important to maintain a healthy skin and the ways to modify them in various seasons are well described in this book. Ayurveda advises timelekn, yashtimedhu (glycerrhiza) and triphala as tonics for the skin. Ayurvcda advises that everyone should apply to the skin, a paste of keshar(saffron) and agaru in winter, a paste of sandalwood and ushira in summer and a paste of kesher and sandalwood in the rainy season. Ayurveda advises massage with oil medicated with riisna and bibhitaka for individuals with a vata constitution, milk medicated with sandalwood, menjisbtlu; and sari va for individuals with a pitta constitution and a fine powder of tripbell; or a mixture of Jodhra and ketpbele for individuals with a kapha constitution.

Vata, pitta and kapha constitutions are diseased constitutions. As the constitution is present since birth, the individual gets used to the unhealthy state. Guidelines to change the diseased constitution into a balanced one (sama prekiutii through appropriate diet, activity and medication are elucidated in this book.

The body and mind constantly work as one unit. The unbalanced state of vata, pitta and kapha humours (do$has) gives rise to disease and their balanced state results in health' Natural desires help to restore health and promote the quality of the weak tissues, e.g. an individual with decreased body fluids desires to drink water to prevent dehydration. Ai emaciated person with decreased muscular and fatty tissue a develops a desire to eat meat, ghee and butter. Such natural desires should be fulfilled.

Unnatural desires arise due to absence of control of the intellect over the mind and the sense organs, e.g. addiction to alcohol, smoking, uncontrolled sexual desires, etc. These desires. should be controlled as early as possible.

Every tissue in the body is associated with a certain quality of the mind, e.g. if the muscular tissue is of a good quality, the individual will help others or has a forgiving nature. On the other hand, if the muscular tissue is of a poor quality, the individual enjoys harassing others. If the fatty tissue is of a good quality, the individual enjoys giving donations. On the other hand, if the fatty tissue is of a poor quality, the individual likes to cheat and exploit others. A person with the nervous tissue of a good quality is intelligent. If all the tissues are of a good quality, the individual has a strong, shapely and healthy body and lives a long life. He is contented, happy, attractive and looks beautiful.

Ayurveda mentions four stages of safeguarding and improving health and beauty.

1. Treatment of the disease: Restoring the balanced state of vatta, pitta and kapha molecules.
2 Establishing a balanced constitution (sama prskrutiy)..
3. Improving the qualities of the tissues of the body by administering an appropriate and nutritional diet and tonic (rasayana), e.g. giving iron to a person suffering from anaemia
4. Naishthiki treatment: Increasing the stittvik (sattv predominant) nature of the mind through the practice of yoga and Spirituality till one attains the Final Liberation (Moksha).

The mind becomes healthy and beautiful when its sattva component increases and the reje and tama components decrease. J This is achieved by undertaking the practice of Spirituality as advocated by the Path of Action (Kamlayoga), Path of Devotion (Bhaktiyoga) or Path of Knowledge (Dnyanyoga). Settvik (sattva predominant) people possess good qualities such as compassion, kindness, helpfulness, etc. However they are unable to tolerate the misery of other people. Hence they have to achieve a higher state i.e. a state beyond the sattva, raja and tama components (triguniitit state). In this state, a person's Serenity and Blissful state are not affected by praise or criticism, respect or insult, riches or poverty. An ideal man (Purushottsmi attains the trigu{1atitstate but continues to work for the welfare of society without any sel fish motive or ego.

Lord Krushna was such an ideal person (Purushottemi. He had a balanced constitution and every tissue of His body was of an ideal quality. Lord Krushna is beauty in the manifest form. The beauty, fragrance and sweetness of His divine life will continue to have its impact on the universe and the minds of the people and make the entire universe overflow with Bliss and beauty. To appreciate the beauty of Lord Krushna we will have to become ideal.

This book will serve as an excellent guide to attain the state of supreme and eternal beauty which begins with the beauty of the skin and the body.

If a person follows the guidelines as described in this book, he will experience the universe overflowing with Bliss and Beauty from within and outside too.


2Beautiful life
1. A healthy life24
2. A healthy mind24
3. A happy life25
4. A useful life25
3Vedanta theory of origin of components of human life
Section I- Beauty Of The Skin
4Skin (structure, functions and care)
1. General information on skin31
2. Structure of the skin32
3. Hair follicles33
4. Hair on the skin33
5. Sebaceous glands33
6. Apocrine glands34
7. Sweat glands34
8. Structure of the skin (Ayurvedic concept)35
9. Hair36
10. Nails37
11. Functions of the skin37
12. Colour of the skin38
13. Constitution and the skin38
14. Age and the skin39
15. Tissues and the skin40
16. Ideal skin (tvaksara)42
17. How to maintain the skin healthy?42
18. Season and the skin43
19. Diet for the skin44
20. External applications in different seasons46
21. Skin tonics47
22. Improving the comlexion of the skin according to the constitution48
23. Selection of an appropriate preparation for external applicatio to the skin49
Sanskrut references50
5Oil massage (abhyanga)
1. General information52
2. Various modes of application of oil53
3. Advantages of oil massage to the entire body54
4. Contraindications for oil massage54
5. Advantages of scalp massage55
6. Advatages of instilling oil drops in the ears55
7. Advantages of massage to the legs and soles55
8. Advantages of sitting with the body immersed in an oil tub56
9. Advatages of sprinkling or spraying the body with oil56
10. Oil massage according to the season56
Sanskrut references57
11. Udgharshan and utsadan60
Sanskrut references61
12. Samvahan or gatramardan or madan62
Sanskrut references62
1. Advantges of having a bath63
2. Temperature of water used for a bath63
3. Contraindications for having a bath65
Sanskrut references65
4. Udvartana66
5. Attire67
Sanskrut references68
7Skin diseases associated with beauty
1. Acne70
2. Dark circles below the eyes70
3. Medicines which increase the lustre of the skin71
4. Medicines which impart freshness to the colour of the skin71
5. To darken the colour of the skin71
6.To make the skin fair71
7. To keep cold skin warm72
8. To prevent wrinkling of the skin72
1. Role in beauty73
2. Constitution and hair73
3. Causes of hair loss73
4. Exercises for maintaining the hair healthy74
5. Dandruff75
6. Ayurvedic treatment76
7. Seborrhoeic dermatitis76
8. Lice77
9. Greying of hair78
10. Medicines which improve the colour of hair (Kesharanjana)80
11. Medicines which augment the growth of hair (Keshya)80
12. Diet beneficial for the hair80
13. Removal of unnecessary hair81
14. Nails81
15. Shampoo81
1. Causes84
2. Treatment84
10Local applications in skin lesions
1. Acute eczema86
a. Wet dressings86
b. Solutions87
c. Powders87
d. Lotions87
e. Sprays and aerosols87
2. Subacute eczema87
a. Creams88
b. Gels88
c. Hydrophilic ointments88
d. Pastes88
3. Chronic eczema88
a. Moisturising creams89
b. Ointments89
c. Cold creams89
d. Keratolytic creams, lotions or powders90
e. Tar preparations90
f. Antifungal agents90
g. antibiotics91
h. Corticosteroid solutions, gels, creams and ointments91
i. Sunscreens91
4. Selection of an appropriate preparation for external application to the skin91
1. Cosmetics and their side-effects92
2. Cleansing agents92
a. Soaps92
b. Antimicrobial bar soaps93
c. Soap free cleaners-Cleansing creams or lotions93
d. Abrasive cleaners93
3. Bleaching agents94
4. Axillary antiperspirants94
5. Scented oils and perfumes94
6. Lipsticks95
7. Eye shadows and eyeliners95
9. Bindi dermatitis95
10. Kumkum (vermilion dot)or bindi95
11. Hair dyes96
12. Rinses and tints96
13. Hair bleaches97
14. Permanenet waves97
15. Hair straighteners97
16. Hair sprays97
17. Depilators97
18. Hair tonics and lotions97
19. Hair conditioners98
20. Nail lacquers or nail polish98
21. Nail polish removers98
22. Artificial nails98
23. Nail hardeners98
24. Refresheners98
25. Lubricants of the skin99
26. Fragrance99
27. Medica or mendi or mehendi99
12Facial treatment
1. Cleansing100
2. Facial massage100
3. Steaming101
4. Gentle scrubs101
5. Facial or nutrirional packs102
6. Toning moistursing packs102
7. Toners102
8. Moisturisers102
9. Mist103
10. Use of Ayurvedic cosmetics based on the season103
11. Daily and seasonal regime103
12. Home remedies to keep the skin of the face healthy104
13Groups of medicines acting on the skin
1. Jivaniya gana (group)105
2. Brumhaniya gana105
3. Lekhaniya gana105
4. Bhedaniya gana105
5. Sandhaniya gana105
6. Balya gana105
7. Varnya gana106
8. Kushthaghna gana106
9. Kandughna gana106
10. Krumighna gana106
11. Svedopaga gana106
12. Shvayathuhara gana106
13. Dahaprashamana gana106
14. Udardaprashamana gana107
15. Rukshana gana107
16.Snehana gana107
17. Svedana gana107
18. Rakshoghna gana107
19. Rasayana gana107
20. Puyavardhana gana107
14Diet for skin diorders and spiritual therapy
1. Diet108
2. Spiritual therapy (karmavipak)108
Section II Beauty Of The Body
15Beauty of the five cosmic elements
1. Qualities and action of the five cosmic elements111
2. Absolute earth (pruthvi) element111
3. Absolute water (apa) element112
4. Absolute fire (tej) element112
5. Absolute air (vayu) element113
6. Absolute ether (akash) element113
16Molecular beauty
1. Kapha115
2. Vata118
3. Pitta121
17Constitution and beauty based on the three humours (tridoshas)
1. Origin of constitution126
2. Vata constitution127
3. Pitta constitution128
4. Kapha constitution129
5. Balanced constitution (sama prakruti)129
18Diseased constitution due to increase or decrease in vata, pitta and Kapha
1. Causes of increase in vata, pitta and kapha humours (doshas)131
2. Clinical manifestations of increased or decreased humours136
3. Treatment of decresed humours (doshas)139
4. Treatment of excessive increase in humours( dosha prakopa)139
5. Humours (doshas) and diet141
19Healthy and a beautiful body (tissues and beauty)
1. Rasa dhatu (body fluids)146
2. Rakta (blood)147
3. Mansa dhatu (muscular tissue)147
4. Meda dhatu (fatty tissue)148
5. Asthi dhatu (bony tissue)148
6. Majja dhatu (nervous tissue)149
7. Shukra dhatu (reproductive tissue)149
8. Oja (vital energy)150
9. Dhatu sara (tissues of a good quality)150
10. Ideal tissue and the associated quality of the mind151
Section III- Beauty Of The Mind
20Impact of the body on the mind
1. Origin of the body from the mind153
2. Effects of constitution on the mind153
3. Effects of tissues on the mind154
4. Humours (doshas) and desires154
5. Tissues and desires155
6. Unnatural desires156
7. Ideal tissues and qualities of the mind156
21Four stages of teatment
1. Roga nashini (treatment of diseases)158
2. Prakruti sthapini [establishing a balanced constitution (sama prakruti]158
3. Rasayani treatment (administration of tonics to improve the health of the tissues)159
4. Naishthiki-Mokshadayini treatment (attaining the Final Liberation)161
22Soul, mind and body
1. Self-realisation163
2. Deny the presence of the disease164
3. Faith164
4. Love164
5. Getting rid of your real enemies164
6. Truth165
7. Beautiful and ugly165
23Beauty of the mind
1. Psychological constitution168
2. Tamobhuyishtor tamasik (tamapredominant) individuals169
3. Rajobhuyishtaor rajasik (rajapredominant) individuals169
4. Sattvabhuyishtor sattvik (sattvapredominant) individuals169
5. Trigunatit (one beyond the three components)170
6. Ideal individual (purushottam)170
7. Diet and the mind172
8. Qualities of an individual with a healthy mind174
9. Beautiful life174
10. Lord Krushna- The ultimate beauty175
11. Shri Madhurashtakam176
24Preparation of Ayurvedic recipes178
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