Wind of The Spirit

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Author: G.De Purucker
Publisher: Pilgrims Book Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9788177692501
Pages: 296
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description

Back of the Book

G. de Purucker was born in 1874, in Suffern, New York, and educated in Geneva, Switzerland (where his father was for some years chaplain of the American Church), specializing in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and later, Sanskrit. In 1903 he moved to California to take up residence at the international headquarters of the Theosophical Society (Point Loma), and on the death of Katherine Tingley in 1929 became Leader of that Society.

Marked by that rare combination in a scholar of profound knowledge and dedication to truth with compassionate feeling for humanity, his expositions of the Esoteric philosophy carry that universal message so needed today and so appealing to awakened hearts and minds.


About the Author

We have entered on the dim beginning of a new era already. It is the era of Western Occultism and of special and definite treatment and exposition of theories hitherto generally considered. We have to do as Buddha told his disciples: preach, promulgate, expound, illustrate, and make clear in detail all the great things we have learned, that is our work, and not the bringing out of surprising things about clairvoyance and other astral matters, nor the blinding of the eye of science by discoveries impossible for them but easy for the occulist. The Master’s plan has not altered. He gave it out long ago. It is to make the world at large better, to prepare a right soil for the growing out of the powers of the soul.


Compilers preface

This is a century of turmoil. Civilization, so-called discoveries in science and medicine, techniques for comfortable living, have not brought an end to almost universal towards purpose, without real meaning or uplift. Protest against all this explosively apparent and growing, but the protestors offer no constructive program to replace what they would destroy.

Wind of the spirit, first published in 1944, and relevant then because of the flames of hate and war and general disruption wracking our globe, is today even more germane to the world situation: for men are at long last wearying of palliatives which fall short of promised intentions; they are groping for ideas that ring with the sober sound of basic truth and are of practical applications. Perhaps this is a time when they will listen attentively to All is an expression of law, of order. There is purpose in the very fabric and engineering of the universe; there is meaning in the smallest event in the life of every being. We are responsible for what we think and what we do. Escape. And further, we are not animal human beings, but because we are of divine origin we are embryo gods, with an opportunity to see the pathway ahead of us and to tread it knowingly and purposively on the long evolutionary march towards spiritual attainment.

We may apply quote from the Compilers’ preface of the first edition of this volume:

“That which is stirring through the world Dr. de Purucker has called the wind of the Spirit which, following upon Karmic act and consequence, will topple over what is evil and protect what is good and in the in the end bring healing. The grand teachings of Theosophy concerning Man and the Universe, declaring their origin, composition, structure, and destiny, are part of this great onrushing wind forcing us towards a regaining of moral health and spiritual sanity. And the work of the Theosophical Movement spear-pointing spiritual sanity this effort is today for both individual and nation indeed of fateful moment.

“The phrase, WIND OF THE SPIRIT, carries with it the gravity of an admonition, yet the buoyant song of a new hope. For this reason it is chosen by the Compilers as the title of this volume.” As in the first edition, we should add a word about the extempore nature of the contents of this volume . It should be appreciated by the reader that as his eye sees the words, his ear should hear them. They should be considered not as written but as spoken words. For they were the outpouring, mostly from the public lecture platform, in response to some question needing answer, some problem presented from the audience, some plea from one truth-hungry. They are answers to such appeals and arose from the urgency of the moment.

For historical interest, a Memorandum at the end of this volume lists the talks under the years in which they were given, though in some instance the only date known is that of their publication in The Theosophical Forum.

The eight public addresses included in the original edition are not given here. They are historically of importance as recording the character and substance of material chosen by Dr. de Purucker for public presentation. As such they may well be later incorporated in a volume that gathers others of these together and thus should make an invaluable contribution to theosophical literature.




Compilers' Preface v
Wind of the spirit 1
The Heritage of Man is Man Himself 6
The Injuction of Pythagoras 10
Where Are the Sages and Seers? 11
Shifting our Center of Consciousness 16
Altruism 25
The Divine Propotion 28
After Death: You Are Yourself 29
Beauty and Science 34
The Secret of Human Conflict 35
Civilization Builded upon Thought 42
Universalty and the Esoteric Tradition 46
Carving your Destiny 48
Where the Masters Work 49
Where Two or Three Are Gathered 50
Prayer and Aspiration 51
The Giving of the Self 54
The only Way Out 55
The Direct Road to wisdom 62
What is Old Age? 65
Work Out Your Own Salvation 71
To Those Who Mourn 72
Why Not Laugh at Ypurself? 75
The Guardian Angel 78
The World's Trouble and its Cure 81
Initiation and Suffering 85
The Weighing of the Heart 87
The Ensouling of Man 93
The Essence of H.P.B.'s Message 96
Guard Your Thought-processes 98
The Yoga of Theosophy 103
The Understanding Heart 105
Karman: Pleasant and Upleasant 107
Making Mistakes 108
Young Folk and Theosophy 111
The T.S. and the Lost Cause of Materialism 116
The virgin Birth 120
Let the Chirst-Child Live 121
The Touchstone of Truth 122
The Exoteric and Esoteric H.P.B. 134
The Vision of the Lord Buddha 136
Rules of Conduct 137
Strength through Exercise 138
Common Sense in the Home 143
An Attitude of Balance and Vision 144
Overcoming Doubt 145
Forgiveness and Karmic Action 147
Capturing a World with Ideas 150
Karmic Results and the Bardo 153
The Guerdon of Self-Forgetfulness 155
"Vengeance is Mine" 158
Help from the Gods 159
Human Consiousness 162
Theosophists and Prayer 165
Strength and Balance in Occultism 168
Fear, the Great Destroyer 169
We have no Dogmas 170
Soul-Loss and Insincerity 174
The Relation of the Finite to the Infinite 180
Misuse of the Free Will 181
Help from the Teachers 182
"Lead us not into Temptation" 184
Presdestination 190
What is Truth? 193
Making Resolutions 194
Encouragement on the Path 196
Oracles of the Ancients 197
Nature in Silent Prayer 198
Win with Gentleness and Kindness 199
Two Ways of Viewing Reality 202
Duty and the Moral Balance 204
One Life-One Law 208
The Theosophy of China 210
Angel and Demon 215
Responsibilty of Scientists 216
About Healing 219
Man in a just and ordered Universe 222
Where Can Truth Be Found? 224
"The Hill of Discernment" 227
Three Aspects of Karman 229
How Easter became a Christian Festival 232
Time, Duration and the Eternal Now 236
Nature's Way After Death 240
Wine as a Mystic Symbol 241
The Christmas Tree 242
The Four Yugas 245
How can you Prove Reincarnation? 249
Knowledge Brings Responsibility 250
The Adversary 255
The Living Buddhas in Tibet 257
Psychism in Religion 259
A note of Cheer for the Future 262
The Ancient Doctrine of Vicarious Atonement 264
The Golden Chain of Platonic Succession 267
Lost Continents and Our Atlantean Heritage 268
Three Stages of visioning Truth 273
Aham Asmi Parabhrahma 276
Memorandum 279

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