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Shah Jahan

Shah Jahan
This portrait recalls Emperor Shah Jehan, the fifth greatest Mughal Emperor who ruled from 1628 to 1658. It shows Shah Jehan sitting over his gold-colored throne, resting himself over red and blue pillows. His brown face is covered with a jet black, neatly shaved and pointed beard that joins with his thick sideburns going all the way to his heavily volumed hair. Adding to his manliness is a downward dropping, thin moustache. His eyes look into a straight direction as if piercing eternity. Even though, a delicate pink rose is gripped in his gold bangle-laden hand, he looks away from it. His bead-shaped earrings compliment his tanned complexion and He wears a pink, angharka styled choga with golden waistband and laces embellished over it, along with a yellow-striped reddish brown churidar pajama. His outfit even includes black and red khussas as well as a black, heavily embroidered, bead-festooned gown drapes over his shoulders and a maroonish-brown turban, bedecked with gems and jewels, encircles his head.

On the other hand, the floral background, lush-green trees and the dark, sparkly sky signifies a peaceful time for his kingdom however, his negligence for the rose shows that he has no time for love in his life and that he is carefree and does not believe in this phenomenon. He is determinant to grow his rule and power over the entire land of the subcontinent. Kailash Raj has created magic with his strokes on the canvas.

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Item Code: MG01
Water Color On Paper
Artist Kailash Raj
8.0" x 11.0"

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