7" The Humble Hanuman In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

7" The Humble Hanuman In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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The Hindu philosophy explores some of the deepest aspects of existence ever known to man. It says that the purpose of life is to achieve Moksha (liberation), the ultimate flowering of consciousness. There are many paths to reach this goal, but devotion has always been given special prominence by the spiritual seekers. Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees this tradition has ever known. He surrendered his very life and will at the feet of Lord Shri Ram. His whole life was devoted to the service of truth. Leaving behind his own little self, he attuned himself with something beyond him. That's why his innocence and humbleness has no parallels. For him, he doesn't even exist. Whatever happens through him happens at the will of Shri Ram. He has become like a hollow bamboo, letting the divine play ambrosial sounds of existence through him.

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Brass Statue
6.7 inch X 2.2 inch X 2.2 inch
650 gm

This beautifully crafted bronze statue portrays lord Hanuman in the highest state of his being, humbled by the grace of the divine. Joining his hands in great reverence and devotion, he acknowledges the presence of the Lord sitting inside his heart. The well-built body and royal lineage of Hanuman have been brilliantly portrayed by the delicate carvings and the jewellery adorned by him. Holding his traditional mace between the hands, he has held his tail high forming a beautiful curvature behind his head. Through his silent being, Lord Hanuman is radiating immense peace and beatitude, that will make one realise the grace of the divine. The mere presence of Lord Hanuman transpires what the scriptures couldn't do with their immense texts. His very being contains the entire essence of spirituality, in its most beautiful form, the form of love and devotion. This statue has been crafted with great love and care, so as to bring out the innermost core of the Lord, glowing with the beauty of purity, untouched and uncorrupted

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