78" Super Large Lord Venkateshvara as Balaji at Tirupati | Handmade | Made In South India

78" Super Large Lord Venkateshvara as Balaji at Tirupati | Handmade | Made In South India

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The Supreme Lord comes upon the world to restore the Dharma and deliver unholy or evil people when and where there is an increase in irreligiousness and abominable acts. At the start of the Kali Yuga, a form of Lord Vishnu known as Lord Venkateshvara or Balaji descended on the world to bring the agnostic closer to God so that they may break free from the endless cycle of births and deaths that is the ultimate aim of human life. The presiding deity of Tirumala Temple at Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, is Lord Venkateshvara. 

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Vengai Wood
78.00 inch Height X 49.50 inch Width X 22.00 inch Depth
81 kg

Thousands and millions of worshippers visit this temple every day to seek the Lord's mercy and blessings. He's clad in an unusually pleated bright yellow dhoti that reaches his ankles. His Sudarshan Chakra and the conch shell are held between the two fingers of his upper hands, while the lower hands are in the boon bestowing Varada Mudra and resting posture. Each of His upper arms is encircled by a yellowish serpent. Lord's ebony complexioned figure glows throughout the artwork, lavishly decked with various ornaments and gorgeous flower garlands. His blue face has a sophisticated smile that is etched in perfection. The tilak on his forehead, which covers most of the area of his nose, creates a striking contrast. The artwork's relaxing ornamentation with a sequence of gleaming wood polishing looks heavenly. 

Notice the Indian motifs on the prabhavali are etched with signified details. The loop alone represents the infinite magnificence of the celestial god engraved on it. Notice the Vishnu is lying peacefully on sesha, the naag while the other celestial deities are adoring the play in tranquillity. The blissful carving of polychrome pedestal draws one's attention to the divine's calm.
 The Lord Balaji, in the guise of this magnificent vengai wood statue polished in many-hued, is destined to perform his own wonders. The gleaming gold bells and swift swans etched in fine details would give you an otherworldly treat for the ears. 

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