11.5" X 7" X 12"
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12" Wood Large Sculpture of Royal Elephants Pair
9 inch Height X 12 inch Width X 6 inch Length
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Regal Elephant Figurines To Add Value To Your Living Space

Exotic India Art offers a vast collection of attractive elephant figurines which are unique and can elevate the look of your entire space. The choice of choosing a statue or sculpture is highly personal which varies according to the personality, preferences, and taste of every individual. For some, an elephant statue represents strength and perseverance while others see it as the emblem of growth, abundance, and prosperity. Besides its significance and symbolism, it is a perfect addition to your home decor due to its charming appeal.

Our team collaborates with highly skilled artisans from across India who pour their care and attention into making these masterpieces that can take the viewers to a magical world. As you gaze upon each sculpture, you will certainly be mesmerized by the fine details it exhibits. These complex compositions and intricate designs take a lot more time and effort to complete than one can imagine. The elephant sculptures are adorned with exquisitely ornamented carvings on their backs that are a joyful feast for the eyes. Some of our sculptures feature captivating embellishment elements such as bells, enhancing their allure. From a wide range of brass or wooden elephant statues, you have a lot to choose from this collection.

When kept on tables or shelves, these aesthetically appealing statues can add an element of royalty and value. Your visitors are likely to be enchanted by the perfection captured in these elephant figurines and will leave your home or office with a lasting impression on their minds. These are, however, not only limited to decorating the living room, but can also be placed in your bedroom, hallway, or office reception to change the mood of the ambience. 

Q. How can I incorporate elephant sculptures into my home decor?

Elephant figurines and statues have the ability to upgrade the aura of the entire space in which they are kept due to their majestic appeal. You can place them either on the shelves of your living room or bedroom, on the side table, or you can hang them up on the walls to create a sense of enchantment for your visitors. In the case of a larger masterpiece, you can choose to display it as a standalone piece on the floor.

Q. Can elephant statues be kept outdoors?

Yes, some of the elephant statues in this collection can be kept outdoors as decorative items. However, some materials are not advised to be displayed in outdoor settings. You should not keep wooden animal statues outside as wood is prone to decay when exposed to excess moisture and heat for long and is thus not considered durable in such conditions. Metals such as bronze and brass, however, can withstand even unfavorable weather conditions and you may opt to buy animal figures made of these.

Q. How can I clean and maintain elephant figurines?

Periodical dusting of the elephant figurines is essential to maintain their beauty and luster. You can do this by taking a soft cloth or a cotton swab and gently cleaning the entire surface of the statue. Reach even the deepest crevices of the figure by using a soft brush.  Do not use any harsh chemicals on it as it may damage the material.