Radha-Krishna Festive Night

Radha-Krishna Festive Night

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Radha and Krishna are usually depicted as a pair of youthful lovers stealing away into the woods of Vrindavan. However, in the painting that you see on this page, they have a boat to themselves in which to make the most of each other’s company. A multitude of pale pink lotuses are blooming in the calm blue waters; pristine marble palaces and green, rugged hills in the background.

It is a lively, festive night. The sun has barely set in the skies, as could be gleaned from the tints of washed out gold betwixt the hills in the distance. A plethora of boats are floating about in the water body, but none as richly bedecked as the one that dominates the fabric-based canvas. The lovers sit right next to each other beneath a makeshift temple structure. They are fanned and attended upon by five gopis (milkmaids). Troupes of more milkmaids put on a show for the entertainment of the lovers - there is music and singing as well as dancing. A couple of gopis are leaning over the back of the boat and plucking flowers, while another pair of them is rowing the boat.

The colour palette of this watercolour brings together cheerful pastels and vivid metallics. The composition is symbolic of how, through love and devotion to Him as espoused by the fair Radha, one may traverse the ocean of sorrows.

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Item Code: WJ75
Water Color On Cotton
Artist: Vitthal Das Rathore
55.5" X 27.5"

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