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Gita Govinda

One of the most popular of all the lyrics in Sanskrit is the Gita-Govinda of Jayadeva (12th cent A.D.). The work comprises 12 sargas or sections, each containing 24 stanzas set to music. He poet himself has fixed the ragas (tunes) and talas (time-beats) so that they can be sung by musicians and also adopted by dancers.

The main theme is the love of Radha for Krishna and his response.

The work is considered as a masterpiece in Sanskrit poetry and a model for many a later writer. Perfection of metrical form and a wonderful display of human feelings and sentiments mark it out as an extraordinary piece of Sanskrit literature. It also shows to what heights the Sanskrit language can rise as regards beauty, elegance and even sublimity.


Q1. What is the theme of Jayadev’s Gita Govinda?


Gita Govinda is a spiritual musical text composed and written by Srila Jayadev Goswami in the 12th century. The hymns are dedicated to the Supreme Personality of Godhead Krishna. There are 24 Ashtapadis (eight sets of two lines) in this song or poem. These Ashtapadis beautifully delineate the qualities, pastimes, and the relationship of Lord Krishna with the cowherd girls (Gopis) of Vrindavan, especially Srimati Radharani. The poem talks about the intense separation felt by the Lord toward Radharani after the Rasa Dance with the Gopis. Thus, it presents the essence of the highest devotion and shows how even the Supreme Lord Krishna is attracted to Srimati Radhika.


Q2. What is written in Gita Govinda?


Gita Govinda, written by Jayadev Goswami, is a lyrical work that describes the relationship between Srimati Radharani and Shri Krishna. It talks about the expressions of the Supreme Lord Krishna in deep sorrow due to His separation from Radharani. This pastime of the Lord describes how He (who is the cause of all causes) feels intense emotions of separation from Srimati Radhika. It is only her highest devotional love that binds Him to Her heart.


Q3. How many Ashtapadis are there in Gita Govinda?


The most glorious Gita Govinda composed by Jayadeva Goswami (considered an important Acharya in Gaudiya Vaishnavism) is organized into twelve chapters. These chapters are further divided into more divisions called Prabandhas. The Prabandhas are composed of two lines grouped into eights which are called Ashtapadis. There are 24 Ashtapadis in total and are sung in beautiful tunes in many Vaishnava Mathas and temples.

Q4. How long is Geet Govinda?

Geet Govind is organized into 12 chapters in total namely Samodadamodaram, Aklesha Keshavam, Mugdha Madhusudanam, Snigdha Madusudanam, Sakanksha Pundarikaksham, Dhrishta Vaikunta, Nagaranarayanah, Vilakshyalakshmipatih, Mugdha Mukunda, Chatura Chaturabhujah, Sananda Damodaram, and Supritapitambarah. These chapters are dedicated to different forms, pastimes, and moods that the Lord exhibits when dealing with His dear devotees. The Sanskrit hymns beautifully portray the Supremacy of the Lord and also describe the sweetest relationship between Him and the Gopis of Vraja (especially Srimati Radharani).

Q5. What is the importance of the book Gita Govinda?

The Gita Govinda is a poem composed by Srila Jayadeva Goswami that describes the beautiful relationship between Srimati Radharani and Supreme Lord Krishna. This relationship is not mundane but is completely spiritual. Anyone who reads Gita Govinda is smeared with the love of devotion toward Srimati Radhika and Shri Krishna and achieves the highest perfection of life. Jayadev Goswami has also described in this book the transcendental qualities and different pastimes of Lord Krishna that speak of His Supremacy. Exotic India has this book available for you on its website to relish the sweet nectar of Madhurya Lila of Shri Krishna and the cowherd girls of Vrindavan.

Q6. How many chapters are there in Gita Govinda?

Gita Govinda is composed of 12 chapters in total and each chapter is further divided into divisions or sub-divisions. These chapters describe the mood of separation of Lord Krishna from His beloved Srimati Radharani. The entire Gita Govinda is a musical or poetic text which is organized in the form of eight couplets. Each chapter describes the different moods or qualities of Shri Krishna and the sweet pastime of the Lord with the cowherd girls of Vrindavan. This book also describes what the level or state of highest devotion is.