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Narada Purana

There are two puranas both belonging to the Upapurana group attributed to the divine sage Narada: The Brhannaradiyapurana and the Naradiyapurana (also spelt as Narada Purana)

The first part (purvabhaga) has 125 chapters in four padas or quarters. The second part (uttarabhaga) has 82 chapters.

The first part is sometimes identified with the Brhan-naradiya-purana.

The contents in brief are as follows: praise of Visnu, and bhakti or devotion; geography Bharatavarsa (India); story of Bhagiratha bringing the Ganga river from heaven and its greatness; a few vratas; varnasramadharmas; patakas or sins; sadacara or good conduct; sraddha or obsequial ceremonies.

The story of the king Rukmangada who was a great devotee of Visnu and who meticulously observed the ekadasi vrata has received a detailed treatment.