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Blessings of the highest Incarnation of the great Vishnu, Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna was brought into the physical world by his father, Vasudeva and mother, Devaki. His father depicts the vital life force, Prana whereas his mother depicts the physical existence. When prana surges within the body, Joy arises. Lord Krishna is thus the personification of happiness. The joy that Lord Krishna embodies clashes with the Kamsa, the story’s villain’s Ego. The ego must submit where there is happiness and love because it cannot survive there. A person may be in a very high position in society, but when he sees his own young child, he loses everything. No matter how strong a person is, a sick child might make them feel a little powerless. When faced with love, simplicity, and joy, the ego simply melts. Because of this, ego (Kamsa) and love are at war. Krishna is the personification of happiness, the pinnacle of simplicity, and the origin of all forms of love. 

According to the famous legend surrounding Lord Krishna’s birth, all of the senses (represented by the jail guards) went to sleep when Lord Krishna (joy) was born in the prison (body), and Kamsa had asked them to lock Krishna’s parents in. The five senses—the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, and skin—are the ego's watch dogs, keeping you preoccupied with the outside world and blocking your view of the endless sky inside. Bliss is born inside when one looks inwards toward Lord Krishna, the source of all joy. 

Important Lessons preached by Lord Krishna

  1. The need for Mindfulness: Lord Krishna urges his devotees to live in the present. In spite of the fact that he knew about the future, he settled on the choice to zero in on the present time and place as opposed to agonizing over it. He stayed in the present moment in spite of understanding what will occur down the lane. Mindfulness is all about staying in the now and focusing on it. Personal satisfaction can be worked on by mindful meditation. Your psychological well-being can be upgraded by embracing current circumstances and zeroing into a greater degree toward the present time and place.

  1. The value of Sacrifice: Lord Krishna has instructed the Pandava Prince, Bheema to call upon his son, Ghatotkach to fight the battle. Lord Krishna wanted the great warrior of the opposing team, Kaurava’s Karna to wield the destructive heavenly weapon, Indrastra. Thus, Lord Krishna ensures the Pandava victory by sacrificing some great warriors. He asks his devotees to value sacrifice as an ideal in life, so that they can move obstacles, and taste victory.

  1. The value of Friendship: It is a well-known fact that having true, trustworthy, and authentic friends is beneficial for you. The people you share your life with are what matter most, so enjoy them. Make good friends, and always return the favor. Krishna had known his childhood friend, Sudhama since they were young. He was a poor man, in contrast to Krishna, and his financial situation was not fortunate. His family had a difficult time preparing meals twice a day. He once went to meet Lord Krishna in the hopes of getting some help or support. However, after meeting Krishna, he lacked the heart to tell his friend Krishna about his difficulties. Sudama was taken aback when he arrived home to find a nice residence, lovely clothes, and pricey jewelry. Even without Sudhama speaking about his issues, Krishna, a true and genuine companion, realized what was going on. That is what friendship really means.


Q1. What is Lord Krishna the deity of?

Lord Krishna is the deity of Protection, Compassion, Tenderness, and Love. 

Q2. What is God according to Lord Krishna?

Lord Krishna believed that all of us on Earth are the child of God, and God is who created the entire universe.